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((guys I feel really conflicted because people I used to RP with are going to runeyhigh and some of the ones I’m following are going there




Jill shook Yuri’s hand. “I’m Jill. Nice to meet you, Yuri.” Jill nodded. “Oh, okay that’s fine.” She glanced at the sketchbook. “So, uh, what are you drawing?”

Shaking her hand firmly, she nodded in acknowledgement. “….Jill, hmm. Suppose it’s nice… to meet you as well…” her voice faded away, not knowing exactly what to say. 

“……Umm..” Yuri felt a bit hesitant to show her the contents of her sketchbook, but she supposed it wouldn’t hurt. Flipping the book easily open, she settled on one of her latest fashion designs, one that looked distinctly like Orland’s foreign elf clothing.

“……It’s not finalized yet but…” she hesitated for a moment and sighed, “….I suppose it’ll have to do.”

Jill wondered… if she had said something wrong? She looked back at the sketchbook and crouched over to see it closer. “Hey that reminds me of this little boy here!” She said brightly. “And that one teacher. They resemble each other, don’t the?” The design made Jill think of fairy tales. “What?! This is a sketch? I… can’t say I have those skills yet. Oh, it’s a wonderful design. Do you plan on making it one day?”

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Celia walked down the hall trying to get to her dorm. However, she had changed rooms and was quite lost. Groaning miserably, she leaned her head back against the wall. She took a glance at the paper once more and sighed. Stuffing the paper into her shoulder bag, she looked down the seemingly never-ending hallway. Sitting down with her back towards the wall, she rested her head on her knees and sighed frustratingly.

Jill disliked change. She missed all the people and when things suddenly changed, she feared she might fall and trip and get left behind. Lugging her schoolbag along with her, she sighed and tried to find her new dorm. She probably wasn’t anywhere near it, though. The paper said Kardia, but what’s that supposed to mean? Jill figured if she wandered aimlessly around the dorms, she’d end up there or someone might help her. She turned a corner and noticed Celia. She hadn’t seen her since that one time in English class, which was… actually the only time she had seen her. Jill walked up to her excitedly, but stopped noticing her frustration. “Celia…? Uh, if you’re like me, I don’t think sitting like that will help. Unless you’re like, resting or something. I guess thinking might do more than being aimless.” She sighed and brushed herself. She felt like she was now just talking to herself. “What dorm are you anyway?”

"Runeyhigh Reboot" is NOT HMHSAU


Hello everyone, we just wanted to make a post to clear up any confusion about the Runeyhigh Reboot group and HMHSAU… No, we have nothing to do with Runeyhigh 2.0 and we’re sorry about the inactivity here. There was a lot of hard work put into HMHSAU and we don’t want all of the countless hours spent on this place to just die off in vain, so we’ve left this place open to those of you who are still here.

We’re not ready to get things moving again because there’s a lot of things on our plates, but perhaps after the busy Christmas-season is over and done with… Things can pick up again? (I know quite a few of the Moderators have jobs and are currently working crazy hours, so it’s a bit hard to pull through everything as just one person.) But for now, feel free to keep playing here and maybe send in your own suggestions for when we can finally fix everything?

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Okay good because original mod was veery vague on that and I was worried you guys might not come back

((I had a dream that one of the mods came back but I guess not ;w;

This Clutz

"Wonder where everyone is…" Jill muttered to herself as she made her way about the library with a stack of books in her arms. A day where she had nothing to do, or rather, wanted to do something else from what she intended, and Jill decided to help the at the library. Right now, she had been picking up and sorting books that had been misplaced. She came up to a bookshelf and took the book on top to place according to the Dewy Decimal System, while balancing something like 12 other books on her left hand. Yet, the shelf was too high, and the books in her other hand had lost their balance, along with her. On impulse, she stepped onto the bottom shelf and successfully placed the one book in it’s proper place, but like the books she had still had in her hand, she fell. "Darn it…" Jill rubbed her head where a book hit her and placed a hand on the ground. She had expected a book, but instead, there was a shoe. Jill looked up and found herself in an awkward position. Above her was someone she hadn’t met, and hadn’t noticed all the time she was in the library. "Sorry…" She whispered, just barely enough to be heard. Jill quickly sat up and collected the books on the ground, but then hit her head on the shelf. "Tch…"

((okay, so I think I’ll post an open later, maybe after I shower or tomorrow, but also know I am developing Jill some more .u. I noticed that only a handful of the same people have been relatively active compared to the rest of the group but I just wanna say that it would be totally awesome if anyone wants to rp with Jill so like if you want an open or would be willing to start an rp just like or reply. I’ll also be replying to some of you people I owe .3. kay peace))